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Observing National Develop Alternative Vices Day

National Develop Alternative Vices Day is all about ridding yourself of your heavily bad and unhealthy habits. Those habits include but are not limited to excessively drinking coffee or alcohol, chain-smoking, consuming drugs, over-eating, gambling, and overindulging on television, phone, or social media use. Sure, there are plenty of other examples, but these tend to… Continue reading Observing National Develop Alternative Vices Day


National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month: The Miracle Baby March is a month of many national celebrations and awarenesses; Cerebral Palsy (CP) happens to be one of those national awarenesses. Cerebral Palsy is a congenital disorder of movement, muscle tone, balance, or posture. It's a life-long disorder that impacts areas such as one's motor and developmental skills; some with the diagnosis are significantly… Continue reading National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month: The Miracle Baby

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Focus on Your True Happiness

Happiness is the state of being happy, and it can be associated with joy or satisfaction during the present moment or overall life circumstances. One's happiness can come from another individual, a particular place, material things, foods, achievements, and everything else that makes people happy. But, while some may appear satisfied, are they or are… Continue reading Focus on Your True Happiness


Motivational Monday: Quote of the Week

"Happiness begins within one’s self; Instead of seeking it from others, find it within yourself. Self-love is key." -Cherry and the Hoot

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Slacking Within Your Fitness Goals

Striving for the desired physique of your choice can be a challenge at times. Some of us are near our goals and others, not so much. Just because you aren't close to your fitness expectations doesn't suggest you should give up. Yes, it can for sure take some time, but the question is, are you… Continue reading Slacking Within Your Fitness Goals

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Finding Time for Fitness While Working

Although my health and fitness journey started on the "right" track, I have to admit how badly I've begun to slack since returning to work. My routine was going so great, but then I lost my "mojo." I returned to work at the beginning of June and was confident keeping things in order would be… Continue reading Finding Time for Fitness While Working



Social distancing either improves you or makes you miserable. I feel sorry for those who became miserable instead of finding ways to be more creative. You didn't literally have to stay locked in your home, being lazy with absolutely nothing to do. Yes, face-to-face communication with some of your favorites may have been limited, but… Continue reading #LosingWeightWithTae

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Healthier Lifestyle

My favorite meal prep consists of jerk salmon with broccoli and shrimp. Sup Hooters? Let’s get into this new lifestyle I’ve officially decided to join-- the “Healthy World”! It was time for an extreme change within my weight and appearance. When you’ve been 115-126lbs just about your entire life, seeing yourself with extra weight takes… Continue reading Healthier Lifestyle