close up photo of wooden scrabble tiles near heart

Quote of the Week: Happy Valentine’s Day

"The fact that someone else loves you does not rescue you from the project of LOVING SELF." -Unknown Hooters, Although today is the day of love, always remember to love on yourself each and every single day. Use this week to love on self a bit more as we sometimes tend to get caught up… Continue reading Quote of the Week: Happy Valentine’s Day


Motivational Monday: Quote of the Week

"Happiness begins within one’s self; Instead of seeking it from others, find it within yourself. Self-love is key." -Cherry and the Hoot


World Teen Mental Health Day

Teenagers deal with mental health challenges as well, and it is vital they know it is okay not to be okay. Reach out to a teen today to check on their well-being, see if you can be of any help, and let them know they are loved. Much Love Hooters, -Cherry and the Hoot


Happy Valentines Day

Happy Love Day, I hope every last one of you can enjoy this day of love to the fullest! Take some time to show extra love to yourself and your loved ones. Let them know how much you love them and how much they mean to you. You never know whose day you might make.… Continue reading Happy Valentines Day


Craft of the Month: February Love

Button Heart Canvas Hooters, I bring you the first crafting project of the year! These beautiful hearts were easy to make and took less than an hour to complete. However, time may vary depending on the desired canvas size and placement of buttons. If you would like to accomplish this project, I have listed the… Continue reading Craft of the Month: February Love