Fun Facts About Me From A-Z

As we all know, I’m a very Adventurous individual who loves hiking.

I’m beyond proud to be Black.

My second nickname, “CC,” was given by my 7th-grade math teacher.

I’ll go ahead and admit; I’m 28 and afraid of the Dark!

Researching planet Earth and the galaxy is an obsession of mine.

I’m the oldest of Five sisters and three brothers.

It’s hard for my siblings to accept, but I’m Grandpa’s favorite!

Almost everyone loves my Happy-Spirited personality. 

I consider myself an unlicensed Interior Designer and Decorator.

A star was born in June– that star is me of course!

During Karaoke, I feel like a real musician even though I can’t sing.

My motto of life is “Live a Little!” It’s tattooed in my G-Pa’s handwriting.

Mental Health is one of my favorite topics to discuss.

I’m a proud Navy daughter and sister.

Even though I was once afraid of them, I love Owls!

Photography is one of my many talents.

I love chicken Quesadillas from authentic Mexican restaurants.

I accidentally killed my Rabbit by feeding him an apple. 

My height (5’4″) is considered Short; I prefer fun-sized.

Track and Field is my favorite sport. I ran for seven years!

I’m the ONLY person in the WORLD with my UNIQUE name.

Virginia is for Lovers; I’m proud to be from there.

Being surrounded by Water makes me happy.

X-mas music is beyond annoying to me.

My favorite hue has always been Yellow.

I’ve explored numerous Zoos and aquariums in multiple states. 

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