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What is Meant For You Will Be For You: Relationships & Careers

Sometimes in our lives, we tend to force or try to accept the things that are not nor were they ever meant for us. For example, we try to force or settle for unhappy or toxic relationships, friendships, and situationships with those who don't deserve our energy, time, or presence. We force jobs or careers… Continue reading What is Meant For You Will Be For You: Relationships & Careers


Motivational Monday: Quote of the Week

"Happiness begins within one’s self; Instead of seeking it from others, find it within yourself. Self-love is key." -Cherry and the Hoot


World Teen Mental Health Day

Teenagers deal with mental health challenges as well, and it is vital they know it is okay not to be okay. Reach out to a teen today to check on their well-being, see if you can be of any help, and let them know they are loved. Much Love Hooters, -Cherry and the Hoot

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What A Successful Month Hooters

What's Up Hooters, We have officially reached a whole month of being back online for the year 2022! First, I would like to give a giant "Thank You!" to all who have contributed to being a part of supporting this creative blog! February was just a warm-up, so stay tuned because March will be much… Continue reading What A Successful Month Hooters

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One of Those Days: A Real Post of Transparency

*Disclaimer: As the creator and owner of this blog, I stick to my word of transparency for my viewers. The following content may be triggering to some as I share the reality of my personal experience with depression and anxiety. Those are not my intentions. If you know me personally, you know that naturally, I… Continue reading One of Those Days: A Real Post of Transparency

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The Wait Is Finally Over!

Hooters, the delay is finally over! The "Cherry and the Hoot" blog is back and operating after nearly a year! When I say, "Depression is real," please understand that DEPRESSION IS REAL! The unfortunate part- so many people fail to understand what that means. It's beyond complicating and frustrating trying to describe depression to those… Continue reading The Wait Is Finally Over!