AFSP: Out of the Darkness Community Walk 2022

This past weekend I had the pleasure of participating in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's Community Walk. The Out of the Darkness event is a journey of remembrance, hope, and support for all affected by suicide. Numerous families were there to walk for the loved ones they've lost, while others were there to walk… Continue reading AFSP: Out of the Darkness Community Walk 2022

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A Post of Transparency: Why I Recently Tried To Commit Suicide

As Cherry and the Hoot is a creative mental health blog with an author who experiences severe major depression and anxiety, please be mindful that there will be moments I share some of my darkest moments of life. It is my decision to share these moments to assure others they are not alone when it… Continue reading A Post of Transparency: Why I Recently Tried To Commit Suicide

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6 Ways To Love Yourself A Little More

Stop comparing yourself to others 2. Don't worry about other people's opinion 3. Remember your value doesn't lie in how your body looks 4. Don't be afraid to let go of toxic people 5. Make time for the little things you enjoy 6. Allow yourself some downtime Source: @selftime

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Seeking Peace: My First Poem

For this peace I seek,And hopes for my pains decreaseMy brain shall now speak- As high as treelength,I'm searching for my peace,I just need the strength. My thoughts are scattered,Tears flowing like I'm battered,My heart is shattered. Stuck in the darkness,I'll make it out regardless-A soul so harmless. Yes, the peace is there,Hidden within the… Continue reading Seeking Peace: My First Poem

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Ways to Observe National Suicide Prevention Week

If you aren't sure how to observe National Suicide Prevention Week (9/4-9/10), I have listed a few ways from the National Today site below: Raise Awareness One of the most helpful and effective ways we can observe Suicide Prevention Week is by raising awareness of it. The goal is to reduce the stigma around it… Continue reading Ways to Observe National Suicide Prevention Week

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Warning Signs of Suicide and How To Help

For those unaware, September is the month of many things, but Suicide Prevention Awareness is the main focus of the Cherry and the Hoot blog. As many find suicide to be a challenging topic of discussion, I believe more people should talk about it to help save the life of others potentially. In addition, bringing… Continue reading Warning Signs of Suicide and How To Help


World Teen Mental Health Day

Teenagers deal with mental health challenges as well, and it is vital they know it is okay not to be okay. Reach out to a teen today to check on their well-being, see if you can be of any help, and let them know they are loved. Much Love Hooters, -Cherry and the Hoot

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One of Those Days: A Real Post of Transparency

*Disclaimer: As the creator and owner of this blog, I stick to my word of transparency for my viewers. The following content may be triggering to some as I share the reality of my personal experience with depression and anxiety. Those are not my intentions. If you know me personally, you know that naturally, I… Continue reading One of Those Days: A Real Post of Transparency

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Suicide Awareness Month

For those who don’t know, September is Suicide Awareness month. Suicide is often frowned upon, but if you’ve never experienced suicidal thoughts or even attempted- I wouldn’t expect you to comprehend. Hearing comments like, “Life isn’t that hard, get over it,” or “Suicide is a sin,” is complete bs to me. It is quite pathetic… Continue reading Suicide Awareness Month