What’s up Hooters? Welcome to the Cherry and the Hoot blog! My name is CC and I’ve decided to give this blogging thing another shot. My first blog, Cee and the Hoot, was successful but to me it was also depressing. The blog mainly consisted of my mental health and how I coped with it. I’m happy to say it helped others (opening up about their mental health) a lot, but I felt like the site needed more. It needed more, and at the time I was unable to produce more, so I decided to take a break.

I’m beyond excited about this new journey I’ve chosen to partake in and can not wait to see the results! This blog will consist of so much more than just mental health illnesses. My categories will include:

*BlogA little bit of everything from controversial matters to random thoughts and opinions

*Mental Health Mental health check-ins; motivational and encouraging advice for those in need; mental health resources

*Lifestyle A bit about myself; Updates of my weight loss and fitness journey as I continue to practice cleaner eating habits; etc

*Explore My past and latest hiking trips and interesting findings during travels

*Crafts DIYs galore! All of my favorites from Pinterest, Youtube, Joann, and wherever else (Little to no tutorials)

*Visuals Art, art, art, and more art!

*Contact Feel free to use the Contact form to request my opinion or to write about a particular topic

I can’t express it enough how ecstatic I am about this new chapter of life! I promise to update weekly, and please feel free to email topics you’d love to know my opinion on. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for great content. Good day Mates!