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Focus on Your True Happiness

Happiness is the state of being happy, and it can be associated with joy or satisfaction during the present moment or overall life circumstances. One’s happiness can come from another individual, a particular place, material things, foods, achievements, and everything else that makes people happy. But, while some may appear satisfied, are they or are they settling for what they think is happiness?

Lately, I have had a few individuals express that they aren’t happy with certain things; they have been experiencing family or relationship complications, hate their job, aren’t satisfied with their appearance, or their financial situation isn’t ideal. In addition, they feel their accomplishments of life are slacking or something else keeping them from enjoying themselves, such as lack of physical energy or even ambition. Yet, no matter what they may be going through, I still try my best to encourage and motivate them to be the best they can be. Regardless of what anyone believes, life is life, and as long as one is breathing, you have the remainder of your life to accomplish the things you want most out of it. Sure, it can seem like it is taking forever to find happiness again, but it is there- one must seek it.

Honestly, I believe true happiness lies within oneself, starting with self-love. How are you treating yourself and your well-being? How often are you celebrating your current accomplishments to remind yourself you can achieve the things you put your mind to? Have you ever taken a moment to sit down and brainstorm about what truly makes you happy? What about questioning your current state of happiness? Seriously, are you genuinely satisfied with your life? Self-love is key because how can you expect others or materialistic things to bring you something you can’t feel within yourself? Start with yourself, and everything else will come with ease. Learn to stop doubting and being hard on yourself because if you do not believe in yourself, who will?

Relationships with others can seem like a roller coaster at times. Each relationship, friendship, or “situationship” has its ups and downs, but never entertain one that offers more downs than ups. Let it go if it affects your overall mental health or happiness! That goes for family members, childhood friends, close friends, significant long-term others, etc. Life is too short to allow others to affect our happiness. If those close to us can not respect our boundaries, what we want out of life, or our time, they don’t deserve a space in our lives. Do not allow others to drain you of your peace and happiness. Do not allow others to make you feel wrong about what you enjoy doing or find interest in. Do not allow others to make you feel a certain way about things because they are unhappy with themselves. Be happy being who you are, do what you love, live a little while doing so, and be safe. Often people get caught up in these relations and begin to lose themselves because they’re constantly trying to please others. They forget the things that once made them happy, and they grow to settle. Do not settle or lose yourself for the satisfaction of others. We must learn to surround ourselves around those with good intentions who motivate, support, and uplift us. Healthier relationships lead to increased happiness in our lives, so refresh your associates if need be.

If you’re unhappy with your place of employment or need a career change, start thinking about what you want to do. Consider your top skills and talents in the process and research opportunities based on those qualifications. It would be ideal to weigh out the pros and cons of your options to be sure you are making a practical decision overall. Maybe you’re tired of working for others- write out a business plan and focus on starting a small business. Research other successful businesses, such as the one you’d prefer to build, and see what makes that business so unique. Think of ways to make yours more different and unique from the others. Anything is possible, but I suggest keeping your 9-5 until you have fully executed your plan and are off to a great start. You love your employer, but not your position or salary, and you don’t want to quit or start your own business. Consult with your supervisor and see what you can do to get promoted. Maybe you need a few more qualifications, have them point you in the right direction towards a step closer to the top of the company chain.

Being tough on ourselves about our appearance can be a challenge. If you’ve been down about your weight, stop stressing and lose those pounds! Self-motivation is critical because only you can work out for yourself. Create a daily schedule and incorporate a time slot that works best for you to work out. I find early mornings my preferred and most effective time to walk each day. Maybe you aren’t a morning person and prefer to exercise during the afternoon or night- whatever floats your boat, make it happen! Get into a steady routine, and you’ll be losing those pounds in no time. While working out can help us significantly, don’t forget to pay attention to your food intake because what you put into your body matters and affects your overall appearance. Cut back on the unhealthy and greasy foods, midnight snacks, and alcohol (for the drinkers), and watch those inches and pounds shed from your body. Of course, consistency is ideal and vital during this process.

For those experiencing unhappiness due to financial mishaps, I’m not suggesting getting a second job as most people do. More power to those who choose to work multiple jobs- I have done it twice before, and it is beyond exhausting. Yes, you have an additional source of income, but you’re literally working your life away. However, I will suggest better spending habits, saving whatever you can save, seeking a better and higher paying job opportunity, researching and investing in stocks or property, or researching the various sources for additional income. Create a source of income you can generate in your sleep- think smarter, not harder! Sure, it is easier said than done, but it is possible. You could even start a blog and create another source of income. And let’s not forget about starting a business, as I mentioned earlier, that you could start!

This post aims to encourage those currently experiencing a sense of unhappiness in their lives to go out and find happiness. Clearly, I can’t touch base on everything that may cause one to be unhappy, but I know I was able to touch on the main reasons. The principle is to start within one’s self. Learn to stop overworking by listening to your body when it needs a break and rest yourself. Learn to stay away from toxic individuals who do not benefit your life in any shape or form. Learn to seek better professional employment opportunities where your work ethics matter and are appreciated. Learn to stop being hard on yourself when you’re trying your best and already have so much to show. Big or small- overpraise your current accomplishments of life. Those are achievements you worked hard to complete- celebrate them every chance you get! More importantly, learn to put your happiness first. Put yourself first. Love yourself first. Improve your joy and keep it that way, all while living a little!

Much Love Hooters,

-Cherry and the Hoot

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