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A Special Thank You Note

What's Up Hooters, I want to make this post short, simple, and sweet. I don't feel like I thank you enough, so I would like to do so now. Thank you so much for your support throughout these last couple of years, months, weeks, and days. Thank you for taking precious time out of your… Continue reading A Special Thank You Note

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We’ve Hit a Milestone Hooters!

There are times when I'm overly tough on myself because I feel like I'm not producing as much content as I would prefer to. There have been times when I felt like giving up and deleting everything because I couldn't control my own mental health symptoms-┬álack of motivation to do anything.┬áThere have been times when… Continue reading We’ve Hit a Milestone Hooters!

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Motivation Monday: Quote of the Week


Craft of the Month: February Love

Button Heart Canvas Hooters, I bring you the first crafting project of the year! These beautiful hearts were easy to make and took less than an hour to complete. However, time may vary depending on the desired canvas size and placement of buttons. If you would like to accomplish this project, I have listed the… Continue reading Craft of the Month: February Love

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Happy Black History Month

"I have decided to stick with Love. Hate is too great a Burden to bear."-Martin Luther King Hello Hooters! February has officially begun and so has the celebration of Black History! I wish everyone an educated and loving second month of the year. Let us all continue to push positivity, stay stress-free and focused, and… Continue reading Happy Black History Month