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What is Meant For You Will Be For You: Relationships & Careers

Sometimes in our lives, we tend to force or try to accept the things that are not nor were they ever meant for us. For example, we try to force or settle for unhappy or toxic relationships, friendships, and situationships with those who don’t deserve our energy, time, or presence. We force jobs or careers we once were excited about because of the exclusive title, great pay, inclusive benefits, or maybe even the relaxed working schedule. Perhaps some don’t have the grand title, salary, or benefits and would like them; instead, they have to settle for something else for now. Some of us settle for or force many other aspects of life when we shouldn’t. We do these things, but in reality, we are beyond unhappy with these situations and even ourselves in some cases. 

Previously, I had found myself dwelling negatively on the current status of my life; relationship status, job, living environment, mental health experiences, lack of motivation within my talents and goals, and everything else. But, if I’m being truthful, I believe it had much to do with my age and feeling too old to accomplish certain things- like birthing children because I’ve always been indecisive or even considering returning to school. I know, it sounds ridiculous because I’m only 30 years old, which is young to most, but it’s old to me- for whatever reason! So, recently, I had to stop for a minute, take a deep breath, and intensely reflect on my life and its present state. I had to reconsider all of the good I’m grateful for now versus the things I have yet to achieve. I had to understand and accept that some things weren’t ready to happen for me at the moment. 

Realizing that it isn’t my time yet in some areas of life is something I’m learning to come to grips with. Sure, it’s hard to accept, but at the same time- it is what it is. Or at least, that is what I try to tell myself to keep my mind off of it. All I can do is continue to aim for success and hope for the best outcome. Everything we think we want or desire is not always meant for us, nor should we force it. The one person we felt we loved for numerous years isn’t always meant for us. However, it is acceptable to love them from a distance. Likewise, the career we once received a degree, diploma, or certificate for is probably not meant for us. Therefore, seeking something else within our current interests would be ideal. It is simply that simple, and that is okay. Change is sometimes inevitable, and until we understand that entirely, we will feel like we’ve failed ourselves. Still, we shouldn’t because we haven’t failed- it just isn’t meant to be yet.

If you’ve recently experienced a bad break-up, heal yourself fully before bringing someone else into your hurt. Love yourself to the fullest and understand your needs and their totality. Know your worth and never allow someone to try to convince you otherwise because you, my friend, are worthy. Your dream significant other you deserve will find you when the timing is right. If that current job with an excellent title, great pay, and benefits isn’t for you, then find something else that better fits your life or personality and leave. Maybe some of us don’t have the grand title, salary, or benefits- be patient, and the desired position you deserve will become available when you’re least expected. No one should ever feel miserable at the workplace, especially when work tends to be a second home to most of us. 

The moral of the story is to refrain from settling or forcing things that don’t suit your current life chapter. Instead, be the best you at all times. Stay positive enough to push yourself towards your goals daily. Don’t settle for or force the things that aren’t meant for you right now. But more importantly, always remember your worth and live a little while doing so!

-Much Love Hooters,

Cherry and the Hoot

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