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Moment of Truth: Loss of Motivation is Real

Imagine yourself coming up with such an excellent plan for your future. You've carefully brainstormed reasonable and doable steps to guide you toward your goals. You've thoroughly researched the pros and cons and weighed out whatever it is you want to accomplish. You created a bonus plan just in case things don't work out. You're… Continue reading Moment of Truth: Loss of Motivation is Real

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Negative Coping Skills

When dealing with the lows of our mental health challenges, some of us tend to cope a bit more negatively. But, of course, at the time, we do not see them as negative coping skills but as temporary relief from our current reality. At that very moment, we want to feel a sense of numbness.… Continue reading Negative Coping Skills


Let’s Talk About Depression

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. The condition is more common than some may think. It is curable but not always something one can "get rid of" quickly. For some, it may last a few weeks to a couple of months, and others may last… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Depression