A Well-Needed Night Out

While experiencing the unpleasant symptoms of our mental health illnesses, some of us tend to lose ourselves. Sometimes we won't get out of bed simply because we lack energy. Not even to get up to brush our teeth, wash our faces, or eat. We won't leave our homes for days at a time- neglecting work… Continue reading A Well-Needed Night Out

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Motivational Monday: Quote of the Week

"Instead of saying I'm damaged, broken, and I have trust issues, say, I'm healing, rediscovering myself, and starting over." -Horacio Jones

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Motivation Monday: Quote of the Week

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Negative Coping Skills

When dealing with the lows of our mental health challenges, some of us tend to cope a bit more negatively. But, of course, at the time, we do not see them as negative coping skills but as temporary relief from our current reality. At that very moment, we want to feel a sense of numbness.… Continue reading Negative Coping Skills