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Moment of Truth: Loss of Motivation is Real

Imagine yourself coming up with such an excellent plan for your future. You’ve carefully brainstormed reasonable and doable steps to guide you toward your goals. You’ve thoroughly researched the pros and cons and weighed out whatever it is you want to accomplish. You created a bonus plan just in case things don’t work out. You’re more than willing to put in the extra work or make possible sacrifices to succeed. You’re excited and begin to execute the first few steps, but then something unexpected happens. Something you didn’t plan, nor was it revealed while researching. You were trying your best to stay in the groove of things, but suddenly, you’ve lost motivation.

Sometimes, there is nothing like deeply desiring something and lacking the motivation to accomplish it. The overall vision is there, and the focus is strong, but the drive to get there seems nonexistent. Could it be one is simply doubting themselves or their goals? Did a life event occur and change the setting? Or what about another individual being the cause of discouragement with their negativity? Whatever the reasoning may be, it happens, and that is okay. It will always be okay to give yourself a break, but you should try your best never to lose your true focus on the objectives you desire in life.

Sure, it would be ideal to achieve our goals overnight, but that isn’t realistic, and I believe this is where most of us go wrong at times. Not all of our plans are going to become successful right away. We create long-term and short-term goals, but many of us either forget or ignore the possibility of those failing, so we don’t make other options. But, honestly, who’s to say even those other options won’t fail us as well? In reality, we don’t know, but we have to go for it regardless. Things will not always move at the pace we’d like them to, but we can’t allow that to discourage us and lose our motivation.

Aiming for the bigger picture should always be essential for achieving our goals in life. Some of us may experience a few minor or even significant setbacks, but we have to keep moving forward as best as possible. Take as many breaks as you wish, but do not give up altogether if you can control it. If you begin to lose motivation, try taking a different approach, such as a simple lifestyle change. Speak with someone already in the position you desire to be in for guidance. Re-evaluate your steps and take a possible detour if need be, but do not give up because you have already come so far. I can’t express that enough. Keep your head above the water, take a deep breath, take your time, keep going, and you will succeed!

If I am being sincere, this topic came along because I am genuinely losing motivation towards this blog. It’s sad, but this is my truth to my supporters. So many people do not understand how challenging it is to be suffering from mental health disorders such as anxiety and major depression while trying to be there for others battling those same disorders. It is not easy, especially when I am already struggling to be there for myself. Yet, I keep trying my best to produce content even when I don’t feel like it because I know others look forward to my posts. I’m beyond grateful for that.

I push myself because I know the overall picture I wish to accomplish for myself and others. Those without a voice who can not express themselves adequately or feel as though they are alone when they aren’t- I am trying as hard as I can to be there for us. Additionally, working on this Cherry and the Hoot blog along with my personal and work life, I am quietly behind the scenes trying to develop additional opportunities for myself and my future. So it gets tricky, but I am not giving up on us. At times, it may take a bit longer to produce content, but I will always be here and forever appreciate my supporters’ understanding. No matter what, I’ll never forget to take some time to Live a Little in the midst of it all!

Much Love Hooters,

-Cherry and the Hoot

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