Craft of the Month: Simple Halloween Door Decor

This month's craft was extremely easy and straightforward to create. As I try to provide cheap and quick projects for everyone to do, I find this one to be just that. All items can be bought at your local Dollar Tree for less than $10. Since I have a hoard of crafting supplies and tools,… Continue reading Craft of the Month: Simple Halloween Door Decor


Craft of the Month: February Love

Button Heart Canvas Hooters, I bring you the first crafting project of the year! These beautiful hearts were easy to make and took less than an hour to complete. However, time may vary depending on the desired canvas size and placement of buttons. If you would like to accomplish this project, I have listed the… Continue reading Craft of the Month: February Love


Painted Fall Decor

Sorry Hooters! I completely forgot to post the Fall projects last month before Thanksgiving. My sister, brother-in-law, and I each painted these cute little resin décor pieces. We then formed a simple fall display on our seasonal window ledge. It was a pretty fun project that took about two days to complete due to the… Continue reading Painted Fall Decor


Halloween Crafts and Simple Decor

It's my FAVORITE holiday of all time; Happy Halloween Hooters! Given the current circumstances of the pandemic and all of the restrictions varying nationwide, I hope everyone is still able to enjoy this festive day. This month I did a few fun crafts with my family and even guided my sister with her first beautiful… Continue reading Halloween Crafts and Simple Decor


Hoop Art Crafts

One of my favorite crafting projects to do is hoop art. I like the craft because it can be used as a simple wall art or as a technique for the base of another project. I have used hoop art as wall decor, making pillows, designing stuffed animals, fabric drawstring bags, and more. It is… Continue reading Hoop Art Crafts


Simple and Cute Mason Jar Crafts

Being miles away from home you have to get a little creative when communicating with family and friends. What better way to do so than a crafting FaceTime session? Last week I had a FaceTime date with one of my little sisters and she chose piggy bank mason bars as our initial craft. I loved… Continue reading Simple and Cute Mason Jar Crafts


Quarantine String Art

Let's get into this new craft! String art has always been on my "Crafting Bucket List". The craft has seemed complicating since I first discovered it- probably the reason I did not attempt sooner. Of course, during "quarantine" I had nothing else to do and plenty of time to build my patience. When choosing my… Continue reading Quarantine String Art


Dollar Tree Vases

For those who don’t know me, I’m an extreme crafting freak. Since I was younger I’ve always had the gift of being creative. Crafting has always been one of my “happy places” but I will say I have been slacking due to work. I can’t express my gratitude of the coronavirus pandemic enough. I was… Continue reading Dollar Tree Vases