Holiday Season During The Pandemic

As we all are aware, the entire world is experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases. There have been many talks of shutdowns, reactivated restrictions, curfews, and more. Once again, we have people panicking and emptying grocery and wholesale store shelves. No water, toilet paper, nor disinfectant wipes... All of your favorite foods people usually don't… Continue reading Holiday Season During The Pandemic


Quarantine String Art

Let's get into this new craft! String art has always been on my "Crafting Bucket List". The craft has seemed complicating since I first discovered it- probably the reason I did not attempt sooner. Of course, during "quarantine" I had nothing else to do and plenty of time to build my patience. When choosing my… Continue reading Quarantine String Art

face masks on white background

The Coronavirus Shutdown and My Mental Health

Treating mental health seriously should be a given even if it doesn’t affect you directly. Often, individuals tend to brush it to the side or under the rug. In my opinion, that is by far unacceptable. No matter your occupation, salary, marital status, age, ethnicity, etc., everyone’s mental health matters! Everyone deserves some peace of… Continue reading The Coronavirus Shutdown and My Mental Health

variety of food on wooden coaster

Healthier Lifestyle

My favorite meal prep consists of jerk salmon with broccoli and shrimp. Sup Hooters? Let’s get into this new lifestyle I’ve officially decided to join-- the “Healthy World”! It was time for an extreme change within my weight and appearance. When you’ve been 115-126lbs just about your entire life, seeing yourself with extra weight takes… Continue reading Healthier Lifestyle