Holiday Season During The Pandemic

As we all are aware, the entire world is experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases. There have been many talks of shutdowns, reactivated restrictions, curfews, and more. Once again, we have people panicking and emptying grocery and wholesale store shelves. No water, toilet paper, nor disinfectant wipes… All of your favorite foods people usually don’t eat- gone. All of the pushing and shoving- it’s just a mess all over again.

Amid this tragic pandemic, the holiday season is quickly approaching. Christmas trees and decorations are already set up and lit before Thanksgiving can even get by. The fall scents are smelling amazing while the beautiful fallen leaves cover the roads (somewhere, but for sure not here in SoCal). Mouths are getting watery for the delicious Thanksgiving feasts. But one thing that will definitely change this year, our usual big and loving family gatherings and dinners. The part I miss so much about being home back on the East Coast!

For most of the world, this is probably the first time we’ve had significant differences within our holidays or other celebrated dates. Sadly, this holiday season will be more depressing for us here in the United States than ever due to the current circumstances of Covid-19. In some places of the nation, there are bans on large gatherings causing some to be left alone. Even if there aren’t any bans in certain areas, some would rather stay safe at home and not risk the chance of infecting themselves or loved ones. Very much so a high consideration, in my opinion.

Luckily, with technology being greatly improved over the years, we don’t “really” have to be alone. These days most of the nation has smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers with webcams, gaming consoles with cameras, etc. Now is the time when these devices should be used to their full abilities. Now is the time to use servers such as Zoom, Teams, Skype, Facebook, Facetime, Google Dou, etc., to communicate with loved ones from a safe distance. Some may not be able to cook their favorite dish or meal from their favorite family member. Still, something as simple as a video chat or live social media broadcast could be the answer. Ask them how to make that particular dish or meal, ask them to provide you with the recipes, and have them virtually show you how to master them.

We don’t have to be alone! If someone doesn’t have an updated device to communicate, talk to them on the phone through the process, or purchase them one and overnight it. If there’s a way, there’s a will. Yes, I understand mental health rates have increased drastically due to isolation or not being around our loved ones physically. Still, we have to try, at least. Even if you need to look back at previous holidays- cherish the beautiful memories, and know that this pandemic will eventually end.

Other things you could do via the servers I mentioned would include getting creative. Start watching holiday movies together, pop some popcorn, grab your snacks, make a few drinks, and enjoy a virtual movie night or date. Play or make up a few virtual games to let the time pass quicker. Think outside of the box and make crafts or bake some new goodies together. Use the web to search for any of these ideas because I know they have to exist. We can be away from our loved ones and still make the best of it. Determination is key!

Tragically, some of us have even lost a few loved ones due to the deadly virus, causing this holiday season to be the first time without them. It may be challenging to face, but we all have to be as wholesome as possible. All of our loved ones may not be physically near, but they are right with us in spirit. Cherish life while you can, cherish your favorite memories with those you care about dearly, and cherish being healthy enough to experience such a worldwide historical journey. My heart goes out to all of those individuals during these intricate moments. In the words of my best friend, my grandfather, “Everything has a way of working itself out.”

Happy Holidays Hooters. We WILL get through this!

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