Quarantine String Art

Let’s get into this new craft!

String art has always been on my “Crafting Bucket List“. The craft has seemed complicating since I first discovered it- probably the reason I did not attempt sooner. Of course, during “quarantine” I had nothing else to do and plenty of time to build my patience. When choosing my crafts, I can either be inspired by tutorials on the web, home decor, television, or crafting stores. Home Depot inspired me to execute this project!

When we went in to grab supplies for my sister’s new sewing table, seeing all of the wood immediately sparked my “crafty” fuel. Strolling down the wood aisles made me think of all things I could possibly create. Since I currently have no desires of using super tools, I needed something easy, simple, and cute. String art popped in my head and I knew it was a done deal! I started to search all over Pinterest and Google images for inspiration and then the games begin.

Hammering all of the nails into the wood was time consuming and extremely annoying due to the noise. BUT… the outcome was a success once I did get the hang of it! I’m very happy I was able to accomplish the project but even more excited one made a great gift for a very special someone.

Take a look at the process below (please keep in mind I do not go in depth with details):

Happiness in Home Depot
Supplies needed for the base of the project- minus the sanding block.
Print or draw a design of your choice; hammer the nails along the perimeter.
“C”; the best letter to exist.
Woof; for all of the paw lovers.
Who doesn’t love Mickey and Minnie?

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