July Mental Health Check-In

21 motivational quotes about mental health • The Anxious Empath

Although the world is suffering from a pandemic, do not allow that to hinder you from enjoying your life as adequately as possible. Yes, times are difficult for most due to losing their employment, not being able to pay bills, struggling to feed families and the homeless, losing loved ones, stressing about children going back to school, worldwide protests, and much more. Lifting yourself either for you or your family is what matters right now. Positivity is key during these tough times. It isn’t just you experiencing this pandemic, it is everyone. Some may have it easier than others but we’re all impacted as a whole.

Rather waiting for a miracle to emerge, do as much as you can to see some sort of change. If you need help, ask your family, close friends, community, church, or the state for assistance. Let your pride go for a while. Right now a lot of states are providing extra resources under the circumstances, you just have to put in the work to find all available options and offerings. If you need to talk to someone because you feel alone or on the verge of depression, research your options for therapists if your family and friends aren’t available. Go outside for daily walks or yoga sessions to keep a clear mind. Write your thoughts, concerns, or plans in a notebook- it’s relieving. Read inspiring books to help you get motivated or have some kind of hope. If you’re able to, start filling out job applications because more places than you think are hiring. Stay active at all times to keep your sanity!

The resources are there and available, you just have to go for it. Although everyone’s situation isn’t the same, we are all in this together; you are not alone!


  1. AD

    Good post… Plus always good to remember when you are going through something, that things can always be worst and someone in this world would love to have your problems over their own…

    Liked by 1 person

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