Dollar Tree Vases

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For those who don’t know me, I’m an extreme crafting freak. Since I was younger I’ve always had the gift of being creative. Crafting has always been one of my “happy places” but I will say I have been slacking due to work. I can’t express my gratitude of the coronavirus pandemic enough. I was very appreciative of my time off from work because I was able to do everything I loved the most. Please keep in mind, I will not be explaining each step in depth for my crafts but rather posting simple descriptions and pictures of the process.

One of my first crafts included all items from my local Dollar Tree store. I came across the tutorial a while ago on one of my favorite DIY YouTube channels, Dazzling Designs By Denise. It was a cheap, simple, fun, and easy craft to make with my sister plus, it was super cute! Very pleased with the added decor to my bathroom.

Check it out:

Clean the vase and apply the gem stickers in your desired pattern.
Spray the vase with your choice of Rust-Oleum and allow it to dry- mine were slightly ruined.

Stuff those bad boys with filling and decorative flowers of choice.

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