Simple and Cute Mason Jar Crafts

Being miles away from home you have to get a little creative when communicating with family and friends. What better way to do so than a crafting FaceTime session?

Last week I had a FaceTime date with one of my little sisters and she chose piggy bank mason bars as our initial craft. I loved the idea because they were inexpensive, cute, and simple to make. These days I use debits cards for everything but the idea didn’t hurt for my existing loose coins. There are so many ways to design the jars, she hand-painted hers, and I made a design using E-6000 (not shown because it looks horrible) and then spray painted once dried. I will be truthful and let you all know, I have yet to cut the small insert but I’ll get to that!

Since it took forever for the spray paint to dry I decided to use materials from another project to make a second mason jar craft. This time I used Twine, Mod-Podge, and seashells- so simple! The supplies were originally meant for a string-art and liquor bottle project that I will present in a later publishing. The twine jar was as easy as applying the glue, wrapping the twine, sealing the twine with the glue, and attaching the seashells! At first, I added fake flowers but since my birthday just passed, I added my birthday flowers and they look phenomenal in the jar.

Take a peek and see for yourself.

*As I’ve explained before I will not go in too much depth with crafting directions. More-so because this craft is simple to follow just by looking at the photos. If you’d like additional assistance please feel free to email using the Contact tab.

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