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Slacking Within Your Fitness Goals

Striving for the desired physique of your choice can be a challenge at times. Some of us are near our goals and others, not so much. Just because you aren’t close to your fitness expectations doesn’t suggest you should give up. Yes, it can for sure take some time, but the question is, are you willing to be patient and work for it? Are you ready to put down your favorite snacks or beverages? What about willing to make some sacrifices? Are you all for making special accommodations and staying dedicated? Ask yourself those questions, and if “Yes” is the answer to either, go out there and execute your goals!

Throughout my journey, there are times when I want to give up. There have also been times when I may have had one snack or drink too many. But I know what I want, so I try my best to stay inspired and keep pushing. Within these past few weeks, I had been struggling to keep up with my fitness routine. My weight plateauing affected me and hampered me because I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. I began to get drained with my job schedule and commute. Additionally, I was tired of sacrificing my sleep to workout before work.

Although I slowed drastically, quitting was not an option. I did not come this far to stop and give up when I’m so close to my goals! I have to keep pushing forward and make all of the sacrifices worth it. I needed a booster, so I recently sought assistance from one of my favorites, Alondra Garcia, an Herbalife coach whom I recently featured on the blog. I told her everything that was going on plus my expectations, and immediately we were able to develop a healthy plan for my next 30-days. I reached out to her because I knew if I paid for her assistance, I would have to stay on top of things, or it would be like putting my money into a garbage disposal. I tend to waste a lot of money on food, but hopefully not my fitness.

It’s been one week since I started the task, and so far, everything is going smoothly. Because a majority of my earlier workouts consisted of me walking a few miles per day, the exercises given have been rigorous! My entire body had been sore this past week, but I finally recouped! I guess I must be doing something correctly- who knows. I will add, performing my very first Zumba session via Zoom was quite the experience. I have absolutely no rhythm, so I was looking ridiculous trying to dance in front of strangers. I finished with a sweat-filled body, so I guess you can say, I got the job done! I’m just aiming to get the best and maximized results by day 30, and I’m confident I’ll be able to accomplish that!

The only struggle I’ve been encountering is within my eating and water intake. Because I don’t eat much, it is complicating to consume the required amount of calories needed for the program. I don’t like the feeling of being full, so I’ll stop eating after a few nibbles, and that is how I waste a crap ton of food. I also tend to get extraordinarily uninterested or tired of drinking water; therefore, I’ve pretty much been forcing myself to drink it. Sadly, I still haven’t been reaching the limit; my goal is to do much better this week. When I’m passionate about something, I tend to put forth my best efforts so each week will include significant improvements.

The moral of the message is to NEVER GIVE UP! If you are close to your fitness goals, keep pushing, and if you need to seek additional help, get it. If you don’t have the necessary funds to pay for a personal trainer or coach, use YouTube or create a private group with some of your close friends to motivate, inspire, and uplift each other or join another group so you won’t get distracted within your friends. Groups are ideal because they assure you aren’t alone. Alondra added me to an Herbalife group chat on Telegram, and I love it because everyone is so inspiring, and we all want the same thing- a healthier, cleaner, and fit lifestyle.

Good luck to all of you, I am rooting for you because I know you can do it!

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