Museum of Selfies- Los Angeles, CA

Today we live in a “selfie queen” era. When you see a large variety of your followers’ photos on social media, nine times out of ten, they were taken in selfie-mode. For sure, most of my portraits are because I’m a camera freak and I love capturing memorable moments. When taking selfies you can see exactly what you’re capturing- the lighting, those “popping” angles, if anything is between your teeth, your hair sticking up, and much more. Pretty sure that’s why most prefer selfie-mode.

The Museum of Selfies can be found in the Hollywood tourist area of Los Angeles, California. It is also where the Hollywood Walk of Fame is located. I knew immediately I was going to love this place before I could visit. My sister and I went on a great day because there wasn’t much traffic inside of the museum. Minimum traffic equals extra time to capture the perfect selfie. Haha! We were able to freely explore the museum without other visitors rushing us. Overall, the entire museum is a fun-filled, creative, and cool place, plus it is suitable for all ages to enjoy. My favorite part was the pool filled with emoji balls. It reminded me that I’m still a big kid at heart, and I’m not ashamed to admit that.

Long story short, if you’re ever in Los Angeles and you love taking selfies, add this museum to your itinerary. Be sure to go selfie crazy!

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