Meet Fitness Coach Alondra Garcia

This week’s featured hooter happens to be one of my favorite Instagram fitness enthusiasts. Her name is, Alondra Garcia, and I absolutely love her ambition when it comes to health and fitness. Alondra is an Herbal Life fitness coach, and she is probably one of the best and most hype coaches one could ever have. Her spirits are beyond bubbly, she’s always encouraging and pushing people to achieve their goals, she gives motivational speeches just about every morning, and she always reminds everyone they can be successful by showing her mind-blowing fitness progress.

Her story is so inspiring to me because she showed people you can lose weight and change your lifestyle with pure motivation and determination. It takes a lot of courage for someone to post about their “unhappy” weight. Seeing Alondra’s transitions over these last few months really shows her hard work is for sure paying off. I was even more intrigued by her page because she’s beyond active with all of her Herbal Life clients. Speaking highly of her clients, showing their progress, doing Zumba via Zoom, doing small and simple healthy meals, making everyone happy and satisfied with their goals, and so much more. Not to mention she always does competitions with cash as the prize! Who doesn’t want to win some extra cash?

Alondra’s story is proof that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. You have to get up, claim your goals, work on yourself to the fullest extent, and don’t give up until you are happy and satisfied with YOU! Not anyone else but YOU.

I had the pleasure of asking her a few questions about her beautiful journey and I’m happy I did because she inspired me even more with her responses…

Check It Out:

  • Where are you from?

I am originally from Puerto Rico but reside in Orlando, Florida since I was 12 years old then my single mother moved to the states in hopes of a better future for my younger brother and I.”

  • At what point did you realize you needed/wanted change?

“I have always been a “heavy boned” girl or so my grandma used to say until I learned there is no such thing. Right out of high school back in 2018 I felt the pressure of having to figure all of my future plans. Food and comfort became my best friends rising my weight from 175 to 220 at 5’5. I also come from a religious background therefore the main focus was always spiritual well-being, overall health was never really enforced. 18 years old at 220lbs….my confidence and self love was nonexistent. During this time the Body Positivity Movement began I began thinking it was okay to accept my bad habits until I got diagnosed as a pre-diabetic patient. At that moment I knew, changes were not for image but for HEALTH at that point.”

  • What motivated you and helped you push towards your goals?

“First and foremost…MOTIVATION IS GARBAGE. Motivation is here one day and gone the next, until I learned that… I didn’t get it right. I began to change my mentality and accept nothing but success from myself. I got tired of starting and quitting every goal I set for myself. I have learned that you have to set standards for yourself and actually do what YOU SAY YOU WILL DO.
It takes a lot of mental strength. After all in this journey you must look at your mind as another muscle and do heavy training just as much as you would at the gym but on your thoughts. Thats what gets us through!”

  • What inspired you to help others?

“In my own journey I was alone with no knowledge of nutrition or workouts. At first I began as a hobby sharing my beginners knowledge and workouts on Instagram platform with hopes of keeping myself accountable. Little did I know many people had the same struggle and so I began sharing meal plans and workouts I was purchasing just to assist others with their goals. I loved the purpose and wholeness it created for me and I began to think for the first time there is something I actually enjoy and see myself doing long term.”

  • How long have you been partnered with Herbalife Nutrition?

I have been with Herbalife Nutrition For soon to be one year. I studied the company and understood that the mission statement was one that I truly believe in and see myself sharing not only for my personal goals but my health philosophy which is holistic health and wellness. I decided to start my own business partner did with Herbalife and my life has taken a completely different direction in the most positive way. Every day I wake up grateful that I can impact women all over the country and due to my clientele the world because I have Clients in different countries as well. It Uncovered potential in me that I didn’t know as a businesswoman and a physical and mental health advocate. I am extremely grateful for this company and the opportunity to continue teaching others how to control what they can control and let go of what they can’t by teaching them better habits and mental strength. As well as teachers others how to have a positive impact in the online and local community as well.”

  • What are all of the services available for your clients?

“My main focus is to ensure that my clients learn habits that change their lifestyle long term and not for a short moment. Being that our physical results are 80% nutrition 20% physical activity my main focus is nutrition. I provide my clients with meal plans according to their goals wether the client is vegan, vegetarian, plant based, low cal and/or simply intuitive eating etc. Workout plans are also very important I want my clients to have an active lifestyle and learn how to develop their muscles and strength! Motivational chats and community has to be one of my favorite benefits due to it being what helped me the most personally, having a community that holds you accountable and pushes you not worrying where you’re at, its a very important factor.”

  • How can new people reach you to inquire or sign-up?

“I am always taking new clients and doing free evaluation‘s on my ONLY Instagram platform. @alogarrcia through DM or form in my bio!”

  • What is a positive message to encourage others?

“The most important factor of your world is YOU. Even if it doesn’t feel like it. Whether you are a parent, college student, girlfriend, wife, business woman, caregiver etc. I have worked with them all and I can honestly say that with all the troubles of life is very easy to focus on others and not ourselves. WELL what if I told you that being that you are the pillar of your life and circumstance if you are not OK everything else falls?”

I exhort everyone to look within themselves and see how powerful they are and how much they matter. To see how much their own well-being matters. My attitude my way of loving changed completely when I gave myself a chance to love me first. LOVE YOU FIRST.

  • How do you keep your clients motivated?

“I personally take upon myself to send my clients daily affirmations and a shift of mindset for their day. Everything else is on them to transform their motivation into discipline. discipline is what forms a change of lifestyle and not a change for the moment.”

  • How many clients have you successfully helped reach their goals?

As I answer this question I become emotional to see how many lives have been transformed by simply transforming my own. I have personally been able to impact over 65+ clients and some of those clients decided to change someone else’s life. The domino effect of lives being changed in my team is amazing and it’s truly growing at an exponential rate.

“I always want you to know that it doesn’t matter where you come from you have the power to change someone else’s life. It doesn’t always take a lot of money or a lot of time it’s simply takes a positive impact In someone’s day. Sometimes that change is a smile, sometimes a change is a I hope you have a good day, however other times it’s telling someone you can do it too.”

Thank you so much, Alondra, for taking the time to share your story! You are truly a special gift for so many people, and I hope you continue to change lives!


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