Simple DIY Marble Magnets

Hey guys,

Here is a quick, easy, simple, and cute crafting project to spice up your refrigerators, blackboards, or whatever else you can attach a magnet to.

I started making and selling these magnets a few years ago- some of the quickest money I’ve ever made. Although most supplies can be found at your local Dollar Tree, I found mine at Joann. The essential design is within whatever fabric or card-stock paper you choose to use. Joann and Michaels have a great selection of both fabric and card-stock, so that shouldn’t be hard to find. Of course, other stores carry decorative paper, but these are my preferred crafting stores.

Listed below are the simple supplies and steps to achieve these magnets:

Supplies include:

-Large clear flat marbles

-Mod Podge

-Small sponge


-Hot glue gun w/ sticks or E6000

-Fabric and/or decorative card-stock paper


-Water soluble pencil- (doesn’t matter just something to trace with)

— and a dab of PATIENCE!

Lets get to it:

-Step 1: Gather all of your supplies, clean your marbles, and dry them

-Step 2: Trace marbles on desired pattern of fabric or paper

-Step 3: Cut out the shape

-Step 4: Take your Mod Podge and sponge then apply to the back of the marble

-Step 5: Apply the cut piece of fabric or paper and seal it with the Mod Podge

-Step 6: Allow the marble to dry and then attach the magnet using your hot glue gun or E6000 (I recommend E6000 due to its strength- it does take a while to dry)

-Viola! You have successfully completed your first marble magnet so keep going!

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