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Finding Time for Fitness While Working

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Although my health and fitness journey started on the “right” track, I have to admit how badly I’ve begun to slack since returning to work. My routine was going so great, but then I lost my “mojo.”

I returned to work at the beginning of June and was confident keeping things in order would be a success. Sadly, that wasn’t the case because since it had been almost three months of leave, I forgot how draining employment was. Don’t get me wrong, my job is somewhat smooth and I’m grateful even to be employed during the circumstances. The issue is, most of my shifts consist of ten plus hours, plus I commute a little less than 200 miles (about an hour and a half to and from work) each day. That alone is beyond bizarre, but hey, it’s what I signed up for!

I guess you can say I became spoiled with my break.

My sleep pattern was ultimately off, and I was able to work out whenever I felt like it- most mornings just not exceptionally early. Of course, I now had to re-figure life out, and that only took dedication (as I’ve spoken of previously). For some reason, the commitment was absent. Luckily for me, I will always be the one to “practice what I preach.” Having a lifestyle category on my blog, expressing how easy it is to lose weight or get fit with just dedication and consistency- I can’t BS my audience, and I won’t!

Eventually (about a week later), once I was back into the “groove of things,” I pushed myself to get up early enough to visit my local park. At my local park, I’ve been able to walk at least one to two miles before work. I haven’t been able to ride my cruiser since, but walking is all I need to keep my weight loss journey going. Each day I do walk, I try to beat my previous recorded time. Sometimes I walk a little faster, sometimes a bit slower, but that doesn’t matter because I made it there in the first place!

The moral of the story: KEEP PUSHING, even if it is draining, KEEP PUSHING! Stay true to yourself, find the time for yourself and make it happen, be consistent, and DO NOT GIVE UP!

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