Social distancing either improves you or makes you miserable. I feel sorry for those who became miserable instead of finding ways to be more creative. You didn’t literally have to stay locked in your home, being lazy with absolutely nothing to do. Yes, face-to-face communication with some of your favorites may have been limited, but there were plenty of other ways to manage.

Gyms were closed for the longest, so a lot of people were as they say, “unable to workout” instead of just going to walk outside or doing simple exercises that don’t require a gym or equipment. My opinion is those were excuses, because if you really wanted to stay fit or active, you would have done everything in your power to accomplish those goals. People rely on and get so attached to people, places, or things, and forget about the basics or what was done before they were even introduced to those places, people, or things.

Then you have strong, dedicated, and motivated people like my Mum. Yes, she does have exercising equipment, but she barely used it due to her gym preference. Of course, the closure of gyms did not affect her too much because she was now forced to use her equipment. Not only did she work on herself, but she also created a workout group chat with a few women (including myself), and I named it, Losing Weight With Tae. The group was a 21-day weight loss challenge and was meant to support each other while social distancing.

We knew some women needed that extra push to get into the weight loss spirits, so what better motivation than a cash prize? Like seriously, who doesn’t want a chance at winning some easy coins? By the end of the challenge, each player sent the winner $20, so that was a cute little payout. The purpose of the challenge was not to defeat each other but to encourage, motivate, push, and support one another.

Sending inspirational quotes and workout plans, checking-in and sharing photos of our daily workouts and meal preps, keeping each other on track so no one would give up, etc., were all ways we helped the group. It was a getting fit and healthier social distancing experiment, and it was a success! I’m very proud to have been apart of such greatness. I will be honest and admit, I slacked once it was time for me to return to work, but I still managed to lose 7lbs. Not bad if you ask me.

I encourage those struggling to lose weight due to the pandemic to consider creating a group for emotional support! Always remember, you can do whatever you put your mind to. All goals can be accomplished with consistency and dedication. Good luck on your weight journey!

Take a look at some things I did to stay on track:

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