Cherry’s Chapter 28

Aging has to be a fear for a lot of us. Most may fear they’re a step closer to death or success. Some may fear they aren’t quite where they want to be or feel they should be in life. Others just don’t care- I’m others. It isn’t necessarily the fact that I don’t care; it just isn’t something I prefer to stress. Just like death, aging is going to come for all of us- it’s expected.

I’ve noticed there’s plenty of people who stress because they aren’t where they feel they should be at a particular age. Age and success are inaccurate to me because “age is nothing but a number.” You can literally “cheat” your way through or have everything “thrown” at you- that isn’t “success” in my eyes. Success is putting in that work and earning that accomplishment! Unfortunately, it seems as though people can’t grasp that concept. Wealthy children, they’ll forever have everything thrown at them; I wouldn’t expect them to be able to relate to this post.

One thing I stress the most throughout my aging is my surrounding. I no longer stress about not having this or that (at a desired age) because I know eventually, all of that will fall in place when it’s supposed to. Being around the most inspiring, motivational, encouraging, ambitious, positive, etc., individuals is what I focus on. Those who waste my time have no room in my life, but yet, I’ve allowed them to. Why? I have no idea, but it ends NOW! My decision could upset some, but at this point in my life, I don’t think I really care.

Each birthday I take time to reflect on my life, and I mean reflect. What to do to make more positive and better decisions? How to erase pointless individuals who aren’t benefiting me? Why hold on to these unnecessary individuals? When to start living for myself and not others? Who made me this way? Those are the questions I ask myself every single year. I know the answer to most, but I could never seem to act upon them- until recently.

Chapter 28 is officially in full effect (as of yesterday), and I will, for sure be making positive changes within my current life and near future. Getting rid of more pointless people will be the start. I would always make a joke “back in the day” and say, “It is a privilege to communicate with me, let alone know me.” Then I would tell everyone I was just joking, but in reality- I was so fucking serious! My realness, my time, my presence, my vibe, my personality, my everything is extraordinarily valuable and precious to me; I expect it to be for anyone I encounter. It isn’t meant to sound “cocky,” but I’ve always felt this way, and I’ve always known this. It’s just that simple.

I know I’m rare, and that is why I’m so very well respected and accepted by just about anyone I meet. My personality alone is unmatched! So, for me to allow people to waste my time completely baffles me. Knowing one’s worth is essential and is a significant factor in how one should consider their company. Those unaware of their worth tend to put up with a lot of unnecessary shit. Whether it happens in one’s personal, social, or work-life- it will not be me.

You should not associate yourself with anyone who does not have your best interest in heart. You should not associate yourself with anyone who isn’t trying to win. You should not associate yourself with anyone who doesn’t push themselves to or past their limits from time to time. You should not associate yourself with anyone who does not have nor ever try to make time for you. You should not associate yourself with anyone who isn’t benefiting you in life overall. You should not associate yourself with anyone continually looking for a handout. You should not associate yourself with anyone who doesn’t support you! That’s just a few examples; I’m sure you get the point.

The point I’m making of this entire post, improvement is my main goal when aging within my life. Not having the best of whatever materialistic items some feel you should need at a particular age. Elimination of extra baggage (because that’s what some of you are), is the most crucial step I aim towards. I don’t want it, nor do I need it, and I’m perfectly fine without it.

Enjoy the official beginning of my Chapter 28; it’s Game Time Bitches!

See ya’ next week Hooters!


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