Stop Soldier Suicide

Being an advocate and voice for those who experience mental health illnesses or periods, I try to support non-profit organizations such as ones for suicide. Stop Soldier Suicide is a non-profit organization aimed to help support those who have fought or are currently fighting for our country (United States). They help by providing mental health support, providing resources and referrals, and educating and training to all service members, veterans, and military families from every branch.

Today, I found out an Air Force member is helping to support the organization by starting a fundraiser plus a 100-mile jog for the entire month of July. With that being “said,” if you’ve experienced or know someone who has experienced suicidal thoughts, attempts, or success (for them), to push yourselves and join the movement!

I will be donating as well as hopefully accomplishing the challenge! Once you’re able to succeed, I’m gladly going to be accepting photos via email to feature you on the blog!

Good luck to all and thank you for the support.


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