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National Face Your Fears Day

In honor of National Face Your Fears Day, I have decided to share a genuine fear of my own. Ironically, it happens to be about this very blog. One of my biggest fears regarding the Cherry and the Hoot blog is failing. I fear that I am going to fail due to my own personal mental health challenges. By now, if you’ve been with me from the beginning, then you know that there are moments when I go on my “ghosting phases.” A ghosting phase for me is when I am too discouraged to provide and develop new content due to my depression symptoms. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never be able to post again because the motivation isn’t there for me, and I never know when I’ll get it back. 

I fear that I will become too mentally ill and will one day wake up and decide to delete the entire blog. But, I also fear failing because I know I have been able to help so many individuals just as they have been able to help me. So deleting the blog would hurt me and all of my supporters. And, if I’m being truthful, I recently considered deleting the blog this past weekend amid extreme emotions. But, I’m happy to announce that I have since decided to continue because I thought about the overall purpose and what it means to me. I also know it will always be okay to step away and break for a few days, weeks, or even months as long as the content is still available for new and existing visitors. 

Recently, I realized I had been beating myself up, thinking I wasn’t producing enough content when in reality, it gives people time to catch up on what they’ve missed and gives me time to breathe. As the journey continues, I will always try my best to be there for my Hooters, as they have always been there for me. I’m beyond thankful for everyone, and please always remember that you are not alone. On this day, I decided to share and face one of my biggest fears with you all. I was able to overcome it by simply making a global post about it and pressing the “publish” button. I also remembered that there is a purpose and I will eventually achieve that purpose.

I challenge you to face one of your fears and write in a journal about how you were able to overcome it. You’ve got this, and never forget to Live a Little.

-Cherry and the Hoot

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