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Live a Little

As we rise each morning, we never imagine it could be our last day on Earth. We also never think of how drastic one choice of any moment could change our lives- whether it’s temporary or perpetual. Within a split second, everything could change, and we often seem to take it all for granted. We make decisions without thoroughly considering the possible consequences. We live off of hopes and assumptions with the thoughts of things turning out flawlessly. But we have to understand that isn’t how life functions. No matter how much we plan something out, it isn’t always going to succeed as such. That isn’t to say; it’ll still fail either. Life works in mysterious ways- sometimes seemingly magical. No matter the obstacles we may undergo, never give up, and continue to push further than before.

A lot of us are utterly gullible about life and see no wrongdoing happening- well, that is until it happens to us. We have to be wiser and not jump for just anything. Living life for today and not the future is vital. There is no guarantee tomorrow will come for us, and by the time we realize that it’ll already be too late. We have to live for ourselves, and not what anyone else prefers for us because each individual has the right to make their own decisions. Caring less about what others may speculate of us is also crucial. Being ourselves is the best thing that could ever happen to us. Seeking validation from others is not favorable and pathetic. Acceptance is simple to come by, so why do we change or operate a specific way to fulfill others?

Worrying about what others are accomplishing and what they have has to end. We all can do anything we put our minds to, of course! If we want it, we have to work hard, stay motivated, dedicated, and consistent. Give the proper affirmations to those succeeding their life goals. When it’s our time to shine, all of the hard work will eventually pay off. Speaking of hard work- we have to be sure to take time for ourselves. If we don’t own the company, don’t let our lives revolve around it. We have to upkeep our health, mental, and emotions as much as possible. We can not allow work to drain us, so yes, take those breaks and vacations, because we deserve it! Some of us tend to lose ourselves within employment, and that is for sure unhealthy. Do not lose yourself!

Make a change today, and start living for yourself! If you want to let your hair down, do it. If you’ve dreamed of dancing on a bar top, go Coyote Ugly crazy, but please don’t fall. If you have a crush you’re too afraid to approach, “slide in the DM.” If you want to have sex in a car or some other unusual setting- have fun! Are you thinking of eating that last slice of pizza? Who the fuck cares? If you’re a daredevil hoping to skydive, go for it. You’ve been dying to take that road trip, safe travels, and make plenty of memories! If you need to burp or fart in the presence of your crush, you better do it because it’s life (no shame in my game). If you want to go commando, let it breathe because it’s a fantastic feeling! If you desire dancing on a pole for extra coins, “make that money baby, don’t let it make you.” You desperately want that one expensive item, and you know you can afford it, get it because you’ll always make that money again. You want to go back to school, but you feel too old, go get your degree because there’s no such thing as “being too old for school!

The point of the post is to be free, clear-minded, and happy- all while “Living a Little!” It is okay to be free. Do whatever you want, live in the moment, be safe, be yourself, and have fun because this is YOUR life, and remember the future isn’t guaranteed. Save being miserable later, because you wished you would have done everything when you had the chance. It isn’t too late, go out and LIVE YOUR LIFE!

Until next time Hooters and always remember to “Live a Little”.

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