A Simple Act of Kindness

I’m often told that I’m “too friendly” to strangers. I for sure have a tendency of speaking to strangers, but I have a reason for doing so. One day, years ago, I happened to be at a Food Lion grocery store, and I thanked the bagger and told him I hope he’s having a great day. He thanked me for speaking to him and commented, “I wasn’t, but you just made my day,” with a huge smile. His bright smile warmed my heart and made me feel good inside. From that point on, I would begin to randomly speak to people and wish them a great day or even compliment them.

It became a habit to me because I absolutely love making people smile when they’re least expecting it. I also love making people feel special and appreciated. You never know how someones day is going, and knowing that a simple, “hello, I hope your day is going well,” can make someone’s entire day is amazing to me. Some folks may not have anyone to talk to on daily basis. Someone could be depressed or experiencing suicidal thoughts. Having a horrible day could cure one by my kind words alone. I’m thankful for my friendly and outspoken traits, because they help me help others.

Considering myself a healer is something I take pride in because I know I have uplifting spirits. It’s something like a magical gift I inherited. Whenever I see a janitor, cleaner, delivery associate, or anyone I feel doesn’t get appreciated enough, I thank them and let them know they’re greatly appreciated. It’s something a lot of humans are lacking. Kindness. You don’t need to show kindness by giving someone something. It takes about two seconds to make someone’s day. Even if they don’t respond, know it you did something amazing, and make it natural habit. I promise you could possibly save a few lives or make some happy.

It’s my FOREVER challenge to all reading this- THANK those who are least appreciated. ASK a stranger about their day. COMPLIMENT a stranger’s appearance, scent, clothing, etc. #MakeADifference #ShowAppreciation #ThankSomeone

I’d love to hear about your experience and how the stranger reacted so please be sure to reach out via the Contact form.

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