African American Museum of Dallas- Dallas, TX

"I'm African American, Im African, I'm black as the moon."-Kendrick Lamar

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The Broad- Los Angeles, CA

Located in Downtown Los Angeles, you can visit this uniquely designed museum and all of the creative art displayed by talented artists. The Broad is a beautiful place for those who love contemporary art like me and quite impressive. When my sister and I visited, we almost could not enter due to the museum hosting… Continue reading The Broad- Los Angeles, CA


Museum of Selfies- Los Angeles, CA

Today we live in a “selfie queen” era. When you see a large variety of your followers' photos on social media, nine times out of ten, they were taken in selfie-mode. For sure, most of my portraits are because I’m a camera freak and I love capturing memorable moments. When taking selfies you can see… Continue reading Museum of Selfies- Los Angeles, CA