Why I Constantly Delete My Social Media

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If you know me and my social media habits you’ll know that I constantly delete my accounts either after a few months or a year. I don’t like to keep every social media platform because there are literally the same people on each account. Seriously, why do I need the same people from my Instagram on my Facebook platform? About 90% of my followers are irrelevant to my life, but I guess I keep them because they request to add or follow me.

Users have had their same accounts for years on top of years, and I can’t quite grasp how they can stay active all day every day. I was more into social media when I was in middle and high school; you know MySpace and Black Planet was “jumping” back then. As I grew older, I begin to wonder why I was staying “connected” with people I rarely spoke to or didn’t care too much for. I never really cared about what others had going on in their lives so why follow them on social media? Today, it’s still the same feeling. Most people put up a facade when I know what’s really up with them in real life, and that’s wack to me. Hey, whatever floats your boat, because you can be anything you want to be on the internet.

When I develop a feeling of being on social media too much, I delete my accounts. I delete them because I don’t want to be like everyone else who’s lost or can’t manage without it. Another reason I delete them (especially Facebook) is due to all of the sick shit posted or shared. I’ll never forget when I saw a picture of a baby being molested and it made me so sick to my stomach. I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been flagged or why someone would even repost it. I also feel social media is filled with so much negativity, incorrect information, gossip, and whatever else causing it to influence others in the worst way.

You have all of the “woke” people believing some of the dumbest stuff. You have the people who repost the same shit over and over again. You have the irritating people constantly in your inbox. You have the sensitive people who get offended by every damn thing. And then, you have the constant irrelevant ads. All of that combined together, I had no time for it and still don’t today. Not to mention the fact of me being a grown adult, and my family members or family friends would go back and complain to my mom about most of my posts. My parents were my Facebook friends, and they already know how I talk or I don’t hold my tongue. That was beyond annoying to me. Like what were they going do- put me on punishment?

I don’t have a filter on social media because it is simply MY platform. I speak of everything and I give my honest opinion- it’s always been that way. I refuse to adjust my posts for the likings of others, and that is why I constantly tell people to delete or unfollow me if they don’t like what I post. It’s just that simple. I’m a realist; I speak nothing but the raw truth as things are. I do not nor will I ever sugarcoat the obvious that people are either too blind to see or are in denial about. The truth hurts sometimes, but it’s life and we have to deal with it as it comes. Most of the time I post what people are thinking but too afraid of risking their job or how others may view them. Oh well, I’ll say it for you because I don’t care about what others think. As long as I’m not discriminating against anyone, why does it matter what I post?

Although I’ve only been back on Facebook for about two weeks, I’m ready to deactivate the account already. I made the page to stay connected with my family back home in Virginia plus, somewhat promote my blog. Facebook is boring to me, and the algorithm is excessively annoying- I’m tired of seeing people’s posts from days ago because most of the time it’s the same thing. I wanted to promote this blog but I feel like it’ll be such a waste because I want to delete the page as soon as possible. Giving my older family members a way to communicate with me and see all of my pictures was ideal, but I’m just tired of social media.

I’m too real for social media, and I’ll never apologize for anything I post because if I said or posted something, I meant it. I’ve always been true to myself, and I’ll never allow anyone to think they can take that away from me. You all should really try it sometimes instead of worrying about others. People are going to post, say, or do whatever they want because not everyone cares about validation- I for sure don’t.


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