It’s a Celebration

Hey guys!

I’m sure a majority of the country can agree 2020 has not been the ideal year. I happen to be more fortunate with everything going on as far as the pandemic. I’m so eager to announce my latest win- I have officially lost 40 pounds since the beginning of this chaotic year! I’m beyond pleased with my victories, and proud of my damn self. The feeling of being lighter, stronger, and somewhat healthier than before is simply phenomenal. I am proof that one can do whatever they put their mind to. My journey has come with drastic sacrifices, a plethora of tears, hard work, and determination. The sacrifices I have made most people would think I’m crazy- I’ll go in-depth soon.

None of it was easy; I had to stay true to myself. Forcing myself to get up and exercise each morning was challenging at times. Lack of sleep was especially distasteful throughout it all. Eating certain foods without having an appetite became a struggle but I still ate them. Staying on top of my water intake was a major improvement. Once I begin to actually see the results of my journey, I pushed harder. I have slightly slowed down but will ultimately get entirely back on track soon. I slowed because I hit a plateau- my weight wasn’t going anywhere and I was walking daily. I paused for a few days, returned to my regiment, and the weight began to decline again. I had honestly gotten discouraged for a few days but I quickly snapped out of it because I needed to surpass my goal! I still have a long way to go so stay tuned.

If you’re currently on a weight-loss mission, continue to do everything to prevail. Find someone or a group of encouraging, optimistic, and determined individuals to help you remain motivated. Always try to have fun while working out. Determine your favorite work-outs and stick to them. Make a hype playlist to keep you pumped during the process. Switch up your routine so you won’t hit a plateau as I did. Make small daily goals and mini-challenges to fulfill, then expand them after you’ve accomplished the first ones. Try new things so you won’t get bored or discouraged. Most importantly, don’t forget to drink your water. You can and you will do it! I am rooting for all of you so please, do not give up!

Remember to do all of this while having fun and ”Living a Little.”


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