Cheers to Thirty-Onederful!

Where do I even begin? Chapter 30 was probably one of the worst chapters I’ve ever experienced in my life. A chapter I wish to forget and never look back on. A chapter I cried on multiple occasions like I’ve never cried before. A chapter of losing myself and struggling eight months to find my way back again. A chapter of consistent failures, setbacks, and letdowns. A chapter of nothing but pain, lack of self-love, hopelessness, weakness, and worthlessness. A chapter that was supposed to be my most happiest that turned into the most broken in so many ways possible. A chapter I simply didn’t deserve. A chapter I vow to lock away and never reopen.

I want to thank all of my parents for being there to support me when I couldn’t support myself. For having faith and hope in me when I didn’t believe in myself. For listening to me pour my heart out even when I couldn’t find the right words to say. For hugging me tight when I simply didn’t know what to do anymore. For not giving up on me when I tried to give up on myself. For all of the words of motivation, advice, and encouragement. For being strong parents dealing with an adult child with severe mental illnesses. For loving me unconditionally and not judging me. And more importantly my Mom for being the best friend a child could ever ask for.

I also want to thank my Grandpa, my two favorite sisters, my lovely Aunt, my Personal, and my closest friends and family for being there to listen to me. Spending well-needed time with me. From pouring tears to endless laughter. Checking on me when I was too down to reach out. Believing in me. Not judging me nor giving up on me. Loving me for me. And all of the words of motivation, advice, and encouragement. I could not ask for a better family nor small circle; I am beyond thankful and lucky to have each of you in my life.

Although, I am not sure what this next chapter will bring, I will not allow anything from Chapter 30 to interfere with it. I am ripping away and burning the pages to such a horrible chapter. With that being “said”…

Cheers to Chapter Thirty-Onederful 🥂,

A chapter of a fresh start and moving forward with life. A chapter of being myself again and allowing absolutely nothing or no one to change that. A chapter of being free-spirited and winging it. A chapter of refocusing and getting back to business. A chapter of exploring new places, things, and people. A chapter of peace, laughter, and happiness. A chapter of more self-love and hopefulness than ever before. A chapter of simply “Living a Little”.

Happy New Year to ME 🥳!

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