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21 Days of Hope Challenge

April happens to be the Month of Hope. Hope is what we need to keep ourselves going each day. Hope is believing in ourselves and wanting the best outcome of our lives. Hope allows us to overcome some of our most challenging moments. Sadly, when one loses hope, they might feel there is nothing left to live for. However, one should never lose the feeling of hope when it comes to their life. Life is a beautiful thing and should always be cherished. Unfortunately, so often, we as people tend to forget the good we’ve already encountered. Instead, we take the things that once made us happy or previously provided us with hope for granted.

I created this 21 Days of Hope challenge to provide hope to those in need. Each day should remind one of the little things in life they may have forgotten or taken for granted. The goal is to think deeply about each question and consider how it truly made you feel at that moment. I suggest writing your answers in a notebook or the Notes app on your phone, so they’ll be readily available when you need them the most. Give yourself 10-15 minutes each day to cherish these occurrences, and if you’re able to, try to recreate newer memories.

Day 1:
Who is someone who brings you happiness? What is your connection with this person? How do they make you happy? What are things you enjoy doing with this person?

Day 2:
What is the best part of your physical health you’re grateful for? Why? What are you doing to upkeep your physical health?

Day 3:
Describe a time you were able to overcome a challenging obstacle you were uncertain about. How did overcoming the obstacle make you feel? Are you confident you’ll successfully overcome that obstacle again if faced?

Day 4:
Describe your happy place. When and how did you discover this particular place? What about this place makes you happy? How often do you visit?

Day 5:
A time you were experiencing one of the darkest moments of your life and someone special was able to uplift your spirits. How was this person able to help? Have you been able to express to them how it made you feel?

Day 6:
What is a song that brings happiness when you’re down? Is it repeat-worthy? How long does it make you feel good? Did you listen to it today?

Day 7:
What is a small achievement you’re proud of? How were you able to accomplish this goal? Have you been able to set higher goals to achieve? What are you waiting for?

Day 8:
A smell that brings you happiness. What does this smell remind of you? Why is it so significant?

Day 9:
A time a stranger put a smile on your face. How were you feeling before that moment? After?

Day 10:
A fun, memorable moment with a close family member or friend. What was the occasion? How did you feel at the time?

Day 11:
A time you were down at work, and a coworker cheered you up. What did they do to help? Can you still count on them today?

Day 12:
What is a movie that makes you happy? Why is it so unique? How often do you watch it?

Day 13:
Name a book that inspires you to better yourself. When’s the last time you read it? Have you been able to apply any advice to your life?

Day 14:
Consider something physical you enjoy doing that others aren’t capable of. Are you grateful? How would encourage an incapable individual?

Day 15:
What is your favorite part about technology? Does it help contribute to your happiness? How?

Day 16:
What are some of the most encouraging words you’ve ever heard? Who delivered them? Do you live by those words?

Day 17:
Describe a time a professional helped you overcome something troubling. What was their occupation? How long did it take for you to overcome the matter? How thankful were you at the time?

Day 18:
Describe something at home you’re grateful for others may not have. Have you ever taken this for granted?

Day 19:
Think about the person who’s always there when you need them the most. Who is this person? How often are you in communication? Have you ever expressed your appreciation to this individual?

Day 20:
Think of a time you were able to bring joy to someone else’s life. Who was this person? What did you do? Did their reaction make you feel good?

Day 21:
Consider a moment you put a smile on your face. How were you able to accomplish this smile? How did you feel after? Are you keeping yourself happy by staying consistent with this act of self-happiness?

Some of us may not currently be precisely where we’d like to be, but we should cherish and always consider the positives we’ve already endured throughout our lives. I hope this challenge can help someone find their happiness again or give hope to anyone who feels they lack it. To all reading this, you matter, your happiness matters, having hope matters, and your life matters- please never forget that!

Much Love Hooters,

-Cherry and the Hoot

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