Whether I am exploring the beautiful nature of a local or national park, the breathtaking views of a major city, the highly dope street art by other talented artists, historical or contemporary art museums, peaceful and relaxing waterfalls or beaches, or even exploring botanical gardens- these unique opportunities of exploration help tremendously when it comes to my mental health. Not only can I experience these settings, but I also have the delightful pleasure of recording such gorgeous visuals for lifelong memories.

Nothing like feeling down and reflecting on such memorable moments when I don’t have the energy or motivation to get up and explore- a “win-win” if you ask me!

Enjoy a few stories on some of my adventures and check out the visuals on the others. Hopefully, they can inspire someone to start their traveling journey. You don’t even have to start anywhere central! Your local or neighboring community is a fantastic place to begin because you never know what hidden gems they have to offer.