My Halloween Christmas Tree

*Originally written on 12/13/2020

If you didn’t know, Halloween is my favorite holiday of all time. I’ve never been a massive fan of Christmas, but maybe more so due to stores putting out Christmas decor and starting the holiday music at the end of September. They never allow Halloween or Thanksgiving to pass before the overwhelming festivities. I feel like Halloween comes in by mid-August and ends by the end of September- it’s very upsetting.

Designing a Halloween-themed tree has always been a plan of mine, and this year I was finally able to remember. Crafting each decoration was fun and satisfying because the felt ones were free-handed, and the completion of the clear ornaments was fascinating. I was beyond content with the ending results! Next year I plan to decorate a much larger tree with more eclectic ornaments and accessories.

Check the quick video of the process:

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