A Letter to My Personal Chef

Where do I begin ?

Being the oldest sibling of many was a struggle for plenty of moments throughout life. When it was just two of us for a brief period, I’m sure life was perfect for us. We probably only fought over toys, books, attention (okay, that was me), or snacks. I would think I was your mom and bossed you around- but hey, that’s what older siblings are for, right?

As we became older, our relationship was not the best. Bickering and fighting over the smallest things was the norm within our household. I remember the days Mom would make us hold hands and hug when we fought. Getting the last word in was your number goal, and it caused us to clash more by the day. As I look back, I can admit I may have come off as an extremely “mean” big sister. An issue with being overprotective of you was where I went wrong, but I wasn’t aware until years later. I apologize for that because I know it still affects you today.

Luckily, within these past few years, we’ve been able to mend our sisterhood bond and have since become closer than ever before. Our heart-to-heart conversations in the past, today, and the future are among the best ways we’ve been able to communicate and understand each other more. I’m thankful for those talks because it’s our way of being completely honest and loyal to ourselves. You joining the Navy and being away from home caused me to realize how much you truly meant to me.

Moving away from our family across the nation to California to be with you is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Our time together in the last two years has been invaluable. I feel we’ve been able to make up for some of our lost time in our childhood and you being away in Japan. It’s been great to have you by my side throughout all of my dark mental health spells. The support and love you have for me are unconditional.

I am beyond amazed by the young woman you have become. I am proud to have been considered a Navy sister beginning with your service. I’m thankful for your motivational and words of encouragement during my brief battles within life. I love seeing you challenge your crafty side when doing projects with me. You also end up surprising yourself, which is a joyful feeling for me. Our hiking trips mean so much to me because you’re able to achieve your fear of heights. The Dollar Tree runs we do for one item and end up leaving with half the store are always fun. For sure, you already know I’m incredibly grateful for being able to call you my “Personal Chef-” the best on the West.

You are my FAVORITE sister and one of the best siblings we all have. Even when you don’t feel the spirits, you are always effortlessly beautiful on the inside and out. You are a strong, brave, amazing woman, sister, daughter, wife, granddaughter, etc. Gold is for sure what your heart is created with- that may have rubbed off from me though. Ha! Although you’re too shy to make our family wealthy with your singing, I adore all of the front row and backstage tickets to hear you. I’m so proud to call you my sister, and I love you from the bottom heart. Continue to be fierce and “Live a Little!



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