Three Ways to Safely Shop During the 2020 Holidays

December is finally here, and the countdown for most people’s favorite holiday has officially begun. Many individuals may be less enthusiastic about going into stores this year, fearing their health during this pandemic. Honestly, I don’t blame them, and I suppose that’s the best decision one can make.

The “cool” thing about these unfortunate moments around the World— the U.S. (I haven’t studied other countries) has various stores that have changed how they regulate or expanded their opportunities. Comfortable shopping techniques, cleaning methods, and capacity procedures. In this blog post, I’ve included a list of the top alternatives.

Yes, these options previously existed, but not to the safety standards that exist now.

Ordering Online

  • Online shopping can be a hit or miss for some. You have those who prefer to see, feel, or try something on physically. Then you have those who’d instead take their chances and order everything online. You also have those individuals who may be ill, disabled, have no transportation, non-tech-savvy, etc. Either of those may be reasons one is either able or not able to shop online or in the store. I’d highly recommend asking someone you trust for assistance if you have no clue how to do so. While shopping online is perhaps a popular option, there are substitutes.

Curbside Pick-Up/Pick-Up In-Store

  • Although I would generally use curbside pick-up for my favorite crafting store and restaurants, I wasn’t big on using it for anything else. I would prefer to walk into smaller stores because my anxiety is too unpleasant for larger stores. Plus, I’m not lazy enough to have absolutely everything sent to me. Whatever floats your boat, right? Due to the pandemic, stores that never offered curbside or in-store pick-ups begin to make shopping simpler and safer for many individuals.

Same-Day Store Delivery

  • Another way to shop safely would be to order delivery from a store. Some of my favorite stores deliver within 2 hours if you order before a specific time. Not only that, but the deliveries are contactless for yours and the associates’ health and safety. It sounds like a safe and convenient way to shop for me. Contacting your loved stores to see if they offer same-day delivery would be ideal.

Best of luck to those out shopping for the upcoming holiday. Stay safe, and keep healthy Hooters!


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