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Red Rock Canyon State Park- Cantil, CA

Out of all of the places I’ve explored in Southern California, Red Rock Canyon State Park is probably one of my favorites. The park is located in Cantil, CA, and can often be mistaken for the Red Rock National Conservation Area in Nevada. Although they have similar canyons, they are two different parks. Luckily, I’ve been to both, so I’ll make another post on Nevada soon! 

The canyons and cliffs at the State Park are just mindblowing and beautiful. The shapes and colors vary and are beyond unique. Since I’m a “daredevil,” I love climbing the rocks and admiring the marvelous views from a high elevation. The only thing I dislike is taking pictures because they do absolutely no justice. You have to be there to understand this experience because it is an experience.

Based on my visits, the trails there are pretty much like walking trails. I’m sure there are challenging routes, but my sister is scared of heights, so I never bothered researching. Honestly, hiking the area is okay, but I’m more interested in the various small caves and unique canyons. When I hike, besides seeking peacefulness, I’m always looking for cool things to take photos of, so it isn’t unlikely for me to go off-trail.    

One cool thing about the park is you’re able to camp, so I’ll for sure be doing that when the weather warms again. I’ve visited the park about three times, and each experience was different due to exploring various areas. Even though I have been multiple times, I’ve never explored the entire park, but that is a goal. A dull moment seems almost impossible when revisiting, and that is what I love about the area.  

Since I’m terrified of bees, that is probably my only complaint. In my opinion, the place is pretty much infested with them. If I’ve seen more than two, that equals infested to me. Haha! Being stung by a bee is something I’ve never experienced and not something I’d want to feel. I’ll never forget being on the edge of a cliff, and what do you know? A buzzing bee near my face- yes, I almost panicked and was done after that!

Besides the bees, Red Rock Canyon State Park is a remarkable piece of art and nature to see if you’re adventurous. Because it is a desert area, I highly suggest taking plenty of water because it does get scorching hot there (even in November). There are numerous picnic areas and restrooms, which are always clean, so that’s a plus. I have not encountered any snakes, but I’m sure, their there!

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