Halloween Crafts and Simple Decor

It’s my FAVORITE holiday of all time; Happy Halloween Hooters!

Given the current circumstances of the pandemic and all of the restrictions varying nationwide, I hope everyone is still able to enjoy this festive day. This month I did a few fun crafts with my family and even guided my sister with her first beautiful wreath. All of our crafts were Pinterest inspired, cheap, easy, and straightforward. The projects came out great for the most part- I suck at painting, so I’m not happy with my canvas. Ha! But hey, it was fun considering we enjoyed a couple of “beverages” while crafting.

Stay safe and enjoy our finished products:

Spiderweb Hoop Art

BOO Wall Art

Spooky Utensils

Spooky Canvas

Hand-Sewn Skull Pillows

Day of the Dead Embroidery Hoop Art

Spiderweb Wreath

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