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Seven Magic Mountains- Las Vegas, NV

The love I have for art is indescribable. I will experience a near-death experience to snap a picture of anything pertaining to art. Luckily, seeing this remarkable gem while driving to Las Vegas for the first time last year didn’t cause an accident but possibly close. Months prior, I actually saw partial areas of the rocks in the background of someone’s photo on Instagram, but I didn’t pay attention to where they were located. I just thought they were cute and cool.

The rocks are located literally in the middle of nowhere (Mojave desert) right off of major highway I-15. Since moving to California I have visited the exhibit a total of three times and each time has been better than before! How can something so simple be so intriguing? I’m always impressed with simple artwork that speaks volumes. If you’re ever in Las Vegas visiting the strip, it’s only about a twenty-minute drive and you won’t regret it. I would recommend going first thing in the morning due to the excessive heat, and to avoid a crowd of visitors. It is definitely one of my top choices of art and a super dope place to take stunning pictures. Thank me later!

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