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White Sands National Park- Alamogordo, NM

Visiting and exploring New Mexico was pretty interesting. My aunt took me all over the whole city of Alamogordo and it had a lot of nice places to see. White Sands National Monument (before they switched it to Park) was probably one my favorite places to visit. I referred to it as, “The Beach With No Water” because that is literally what it reminded me of. There was nothing but cool waves of sand dunes throughout the entire park. Entering the park I was not sure what to expect but the deeper we drove, the less vegetation and I felt like we were somewhere in the Middle East- just no camels or the excessive heat. No, I’ve never been but I assume that’s how it would be based on pictures and movies.

Overall the park is a, “must-see” so add it to your bucket-lists because my description, pictures, and videos, give no justice!

*A small fact, the sand isn’t our ordinary “sand”, it is actually a soft sulfate mineral composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate called gypsum. You could always research elsewhere to find out more information- I stick to the basics.

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