Runyon Canyon- Los Angeles, CA

As we know, I absolutely love hiking! Although, I once succeeded an extremely challenging hike back in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I have never experienced anything like Runyon Canyon. That has to be my first super hard hiking expedition that I will not visit again until I’m super fit! Ha.

Runyon Canyon is located in Los Angeles, California. I chose the hike because I kept seeing celebrities posting via social media. They made it seem like a piece of cake compared to what I experienced! The park is one of the most visited in Los Angeles. The best part about the hike were the stunning views. The challenging part were the excessively steep hills and steps. Goodness, I was never scared of heights until going uphill at a dramatic angle with little to no railing support. At that moment, I was officially afraid of heights for the remainder of the journey. Seeing the whole Los Angeles, Hollywood, Burbank, and everything else was dope and all but I needed to make that a quick trip!

The confidence I originally had slowly drifted away plus, being out of shape did not help! I wanted the hike over because I felt like I was about to pass out and fall down the hill. Not to mention, wearing a pair of old Nike Huaraches was not the ideal hiking attire. The slipping was real especially when going down a steep hill of nothing but lose rocks- I thought I was going to die. I can’t forget the numerous warning signs for rattlesnakes! Good thing I went in the winter. My motto of life is, “Live a Little” so I pushed through to the end and was satisfied once the hike was defeated!

I would recommend for those who love a challenging fitness workout or those who love breathtaking views! Check out some of my journey below:

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